Volume 19 | Issue 5

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Gabrielle Fitch: Fashion to Die for ...at 70 Pounds
Fashion model Gabrielle Fitch took a long look at her 70-pound frame. Her face was gaunt, and she never felt so weak. “I wasn’t myself anymore,” she recalled. That reality became frightfully clear when her doctors told her that her eating disorder—anorexia—was killing her. They said she had two weeks to live, if she made it that long. With nothing more they could do, she was released from their care because she was a liability. When Gabrielle started to pursue modeling, she weighed 140 pounds. “I lost half of my... Read More

What Steals Your Peace?
Is it your job, family, neighbors, co-workers or could it just be your perception of yourself? This publisher letter, again inspired in the middle of the night, was yet another paradigm...
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Staying Young and Fruitful
Our culture is obsessed with youth. Stores are flooded with products promising better health, fewer wrinkles, and a trim physique. However, these will only touch the surface of our aging problem....
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Something You Love
When I was a kid, it was hard for me to understand how anybody could actually love to go to work. Why they would want to crawl out from under the warm covers - having to become wide awake in the process - and spend the...
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Finding Balance
Over the past four years, I attended a Christian college. I cannot express to you how much I learned while I was there. All the doctrine, theology, and religion anyone would want to know. On top of that, though, I also...
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Entertaining Southern Style
Summer has arrived! This means setting aside special times to spend with our family and friends. Nothing is better than hearing the squeal of laughter from children swimming in a natura...
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Trusting God When You Don’t Understand
Can you think of a time when you felt like, “What in the world is going on in my life? Why did that happen to me? When will I finally get what I’ve wanted for so long? Why, God, why? When, God...
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Through the Darkness
I’m told that when I was a very small child—maybe two years of age— my family lived in a one-bedroom apartment, and my little bed was located beside the bed of my parents. My father said that it was common during that time...
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Contentment is a State of Being
Dear Dave, My husband has a great job, and I love my work and schedule as a substitute teacher. However, he wants me to take a full-time position so we can build more wealth. The only debt we have is...
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“Rayna” Debra Alexander
“Rayna” Debra Alexander has an amazing story to tell. She grew up in a religious Jewish household in New York but never really believed in God. She married Rich, an Italian Catholic, who wasn’t...
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As we were sitting in my new sporty black car, I was gazing out the window and patiently waiting for the red light to change on a motionless Monday morning. My life changed in the blink of an eye. The silence was quickly...
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