Volume 19 | Issue 6

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Christine D’Clario Had to Make a Choice
Christine D’Clario looks up to her father more than she does any other man she has met. Although she only had him in her life for six years, his influence on her has lasted her lifetime. He instilled in Christine love, compassion, generosity and a passion for music, all of which she puts to use in her career as a singer and songwriter. “I have not met a single person with the greatness of heart that I witnessed in my father when he was alive,” she said. “He would take the bread from his own mouth and give it to another... Read More

What Steals Your Peace?
Is it your job, family, neighbors, co-workers or could it just be your perception of yourself? This publisher letter, again inspired in the middle of the night, was yet another paradigm...
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The Privilege of Knowing God
It is a tragedy that many people go through life without ever becoming acquainted with their Creator. To overlook that relationship is to miss the purpose for their existence and the greatest privilege...
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In America
The 70’s were a time of change, a huge shifting of the generational tectonic plates, an influx of new ideas, new music and the lessening of moral standards. The “if it feels good, do it” generation was coming out of its shell...
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Remedy for Your Imperfection
There are all kinds of things in life that we call imperfections. Some people have diseases and injuries. Others have addictions, or they have just made mistakes. We all have things in our lives that...
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Vested in Your Health and Wellness
Is no one listening to you? Are you tired, don’t feel like yourself, have no “get up and go,” can’t lose weight, can’t sleep, having hot flashes or mood changes, lack sex drive, and you just can’t get an...
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Staying Faithful, Full Time
Do you ever wonder what your life would look like if fear didn’t exist? For example, what if you had the confidence to pursue every passion God gave you? Just imagine for a moment what that would...
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Communication with Your Teen
I hear so much about communicating with our children and making sure we stay on the same wavelength. How can I do that during the teen years? You can expect communication to be very...
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It Shouldn’t Take a Year
Dear Dave, I’m 30 and debt-free. Do you think I should stop making contributions to my 401(k) account for a year in order to save up an emergency fund? Beth Dear Beth, Yes, I do...
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My Body, His Vessel
What a joy and honor it is to be able to contribute to the mission and purpose of this magazine. Over the next few months, it is my desire to “uplift and inspire” you with the wisdom and knowledge I’ve accumulated over my...
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Dear LuAnne,
Congratulations on serving our local community for 23 years through your uplifting magazine. In a world of negativity, Cornerstone Connection has been a tremendous instrument in...

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